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Husband, Dad, Navy Officer, Coder, and Tinkerer. I have many interests and am always looking to learn something new. This site is a launching point to the many areas of the Internet that represent me.

  1. Fast (Food) Gratification

    After a recent trip to our nearest fast food joint … Arby’s, I realized that they really must not understand why people go to Fast Food. Sure the turkey melts and junior roast beef sandwiches all came out quick … and sure the line to order was smooth and painless … but turns out beyond the goodness that this particular node of Arby’s was, there is a deep level of misunderstanding at corporate Arby’s. People go eat Fast Food, not because the... [read more]

  2. Workplace Waltz (Destroyer style...)

    This morning I had an experience that I felt was comical and worthy of sharing here, but when I sat down to start typing, something felt eerily familiar… Turns out that, even though I forgot both my coffee (more on this below) and lunch at home this morning, I could somehow almost sorta kinda remember writing about the exact same topic here on this blog a few years back (yes, that’s May of 2009)… Quick... [read more]

  3. Welcome Home!

    I love coming home to my family!  It never gets old.  Whether gone for a few hours, days or weeks … pulling up to the curb, looking the house over, cutting across the front yard, and opening the front door … to the cheers, applause, accolades, hugs and kisses of my adoring Wife and two girls. Ok, so maybe every time I walk in the front door it isn’t as magical a moment as said.... [read more]

  4. Binge Booking

    For the last month I’ve been wanting to write a post about my new found obsession with audio books.  It wasn’t until a few minutes ago that I saw the title to a Huffington Post article (“Stop Binge-Watching and Start Binge-Reading”) that I knew I had the perfect title for the post and just decided to make the time and write it! So yeah, audio books.  They are awesome!  It has actually become sort of... [read more]

  5. Top 12 Sad Faces of Little Lady

    Here I present to you … the “Top 12 Sad Faces of Little Lady”.  I scoured through (literally) thousands of Little Lady pictures (thank you Google Picasa) to pull out the best.  This girl sure has lungs … and after all these, some abs as well! 1. What do you mean I won’t be the only child any longer… What do you mean I won’t be the only child any longer… 2.  Facebook is for... [read more]

  6. Turn Baby Turn! (w/ Daddy Translations)

    So… this post is about baby stuff.  What I’m going to do for you (because I also am a dumb dude) is write… One paragraph of what’s happening [box color=”blue”] And then one paragraph of what’s happening in words a Dad or non-Parent can understand.[/box] Crazy little spout of baby drama over the last week in our house!  Baby’s due date is December 23rd and at our last appointment baby was still transverse. [box color=”blue”] _The baby... [read more]

  7. South Texas Snow

    Living in South Texas has its benefits … such as today’s mid 70 degree weather … in DECEMBER! That said, it doesn’t snow here.  Well … it did once.  We had just moved here back in February of 2011 and a blanket of ice/snow fell from the sky and the entire city shut down (link).  And I mean really shut down.  Not just school closings but like city-wide-emergency-do-not-even-look-out-the-window-shutdown.  Of course later that afternoon everything was... [read more]

  8. Mystery $?%& Light Switch

    You know how one of the first things you do when moving into a new house or apartment is check out all the outlets to make sure they work and to also check and see which light switch toggles which outlet? Well I am here to report that after 2.5 years living in and just a few short months shy of saying farewell to our San Antonio abode … I still don’t know what that... [read more]

  9. Day #3 ... Dear Journal, hunger is settling in

    Dear Journal, Today is day #3 of Little Lady/Daddy-quality-time-week.  While Wife is traveling, we’ve been having ourselves a good time here at home playing, dancing, eating, singing, and watching TV.  Wife is smart and for the well-being of both Little Lady and me, made a few quick meals before heading out the door. But like I said … it is day #3 … and the lunchtime food … IS GONE! Never mind the fact that Little... [read more]

  10. Happy Birthday Little Lady!

    There’s really no way around it, missing birthdays … sucks. Unfortunately I am off to a poor start for Little Lady’s birthday record.  0 for 2. I was there for the initial birth day, though, for which I am extremely grateful. But I guess that is just one of the quirks that comes with the job, of being a Navy Daddy.  Wife is a superstar, though.  She made sure we were able to celebrate with... [read more]