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Husband, Dad, Navy Officer, Coder, and Tinkerer. I have many interests and am always looking to learn something new. This site is a launching point to the many areas of the Internet that represent me.

  1. Mystery $?%& Light Switch

    You know how one of the first things you do when moving into a new house or apartment is check out all the outlets to make sure they work and to also check and see which light switch toggles which outlet? Well I am here to report that after 2.5 years living in and just a few short months shy of saying farewell to our San Antonio abode … I still don’t know what that... [read more]

  2. Day #3 ... Dear Journal, hunger is settling in

    Dear Journal, Today is day #3 of Little Lady/Daddy-quality-time-week.  While Wife is traveling, we’ve been having ourselves a good time here at home playing, dancing, eating, singing, and watching TV.  Wife is smart and for the well-being of both Little Lady and me, made a few quick meals before heading out the door. But like I said … it is day #3 … and the lunchtime food … IS GONE! Never mind the fact that Little... [read more]

  3. Happy Birthday Little Lady!

    There’s really no way around it, missing birthdays … sucks. Unfortunately I am off to a poor start for Little Lady’s birthday record.  0 for 2. I was there for the initial birth day, though, for which I am extremely grateful. But I guess that is just one of the quirks that comes with the job, of being a Navy Daddy.  Wife is a superstar, though.  She made sure we were able to celebrate with... [read more]

  4. A family that dances together...

    A few weeks back I picked up a Google Chromecast from Best Buy and got it all hooked up. Since then … We have been dancing! The available features for the Chromecast on an iPhone are limited, but it does allow us to broadcast YouTube videos. And on the YouTube app, you can search and watch playlists. Hello Just Dance Kids! Now let me be a little candid here… It. Is. AWESOME! Little Lady is... [read more]

  5. Little Lady thinks I'm deaf

    When I put Little Lady to bed, I try to follow a routine. The routine centers on the amount of communication Little Lady and I have. Most nights Little Lady will cry for a little bit when we put her down in the crib. If not then, surely she will once Mommy sneaks out of the room (apparently she’s not very sneaky either). The goal of course is to get her to stop crying. Sometimes... [read more]

  6. Daddy's not very sneaky

    One of the greatest parts of being a dad is that the day is packed full of moments that ordinarily wouldn’t be all that funny but for some unknown (probably parental) reason, are hilarious at the moment.  They are moments that really aren’t all that funny if a retelling is attempted later (sorry in advance), unless of course it’s being retold to the kid’s Mom (because she sure gets it).  Moments you try to remember... [read more]

  7. Death of the Paci

    Slowly … cautiously … carefully … I open the front door.  Coming home from work.  What is on the other side … I just don’t know! Like a fine wine, cigar, or comic book collection … Little Lady has spent the last two years, her only two years, perfecting the art of being a paci connoisseur.  And this week, Wife and I have ripped them away like duct tape on the tuchus of a grizzly... [read more]

  8. More attempts at drawing

    I really do enjoy drawing!  I think it is lots of fun to start with a blank slate and completely make something out of it. It doesn’t really matter to me whether it is completely unique or not.  But if it is my creation, it will have my own mark to it. This is actually, probably, why I like to write code.  It is a creative outlet that I can bring something into existence that... [read more]

  9. I can go the distance

    Cheesy … sure … but one of my favorite songs of all time is the Disney song from Hercules, “Go The Distance”. I am traveling away from home and was out for a run this evening when the song came across my “Top Rated” iTunes Playlist.  As I jogged along, the first verse stood out to me: I have often dreamed Of a far off place Where a great warm welcome Would be waiting for... [read more]

  10. Video tour of North Korea

    Lots of articles posted yesterday regarding the 60th anniversary of the Korean Armistice.  A story from AP seemed to take the cake with 26 images from all perspectives of the celebration. Did you know that North Korea is in possession of the only US Navy ship that is on this day, held captive? A tour of the USS Pueblo along with a lot more is found in the below video series.  The guy featured in... [read more]