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Life has been pretty calm lately. Family came for a visit but we are now left to our own again. Nice having some extra hands around the house and some motivation to get out around town more. Can not believe it is March already! Year is flying by.

Thanks for visiting, I'll see ya around.

Fast (Food) Gratification

After a recent trip to our nearest fast food joint ... Arby's, I realized that they really must not understand why people go to Fast Food. Sure the turkey melts and junior roast beef sandwiches all came out quick ... and sure the line to order was smooth and painless ... but turns out beyond the goodness that this particular node of Arby's was, there is a deep level of misunderstanding at corporate Arby's. People go eat Fast Food, not because the food is great. People go eat Fast Read more [...]

Workplace Waltz (Destroyer style…)

This morning I had an experience that I felt was comical and worthy of sharing here, but when I sat down to start typing, something felt eerily familiar... Turns out that, even though I forgot both my coffee (more on this below) and lunch at home this morning, I could somehow almost sorta kinda remember writing about the exact same topic here on this blog a few years back (yes, that's May of 2009)... Quick search... and VOILA, there it was!  So without further adieu (so much French today...), Read more [...]