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Husband, Dad, Navy Officer, Coder, and Tinkerer. I have many interests and am always looking to learn something new. This site is a launching point to the many areas of the Internet that represent me.

  1. The night that was never meant to be

    Sad faces from Lollipop #1 and me On a cold winter night, this past January, I sat, in my truck, at a bus stop, in a place I’d never been, looking at Lollipop #1, whose eyes were welling with tears. That night … was just never meant to be. The day started as any normal Saturday, with kids up early and parents sleeping in. It’s a treat that Wife and I don’t take for granted.... [read more]

  2. Rocky walky

    Watch out neighborhood, we are on an adventure walk! In this bizarre world of “social-distancing” and ordered “sheltering-in-place” due to the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, the family and I have been making an effort to get out of the house. Wait, what? Well, we’ve been making an effort to get out of the house and go on walks around the neighborhood. And, apparently, so have LOTS of other people. Walkers, runners, joggers, bicyclers, stroller pushers,... [read more]

  3. Oh Jolie...

    It has been nearly seven years since I wrote about Jolie (1st post and 2nd post). And much has changed in our lives in those seven years. We have moved four times. We have increased our family by +1 (hello Lollipop #2). And we have grown and matured as a family through various adventures, trials, and achievements. But one thing hasn’t changed … Jolie is still a very very VERY quirky dog. Sounds remain her... [read more]

  4. A girl and her stuffed animals

    Lollipop #2 Stuffed Animal Pile Far be it from me to fault any person for having too great of an appreciation for stuffed animals. Growing up, I loved the soft and squishy creatures. They crowded my bed to such an extent that for Christmas one year, Santa brought me a triangular storage hammock that hung up in a corner of my room. If memory serves me right, I think I could reach it and grab... [read more]

  5. Why Elephants have Trunks

    Momma elephant and her calf Lollipop #1 had a writing prompt for school to talk about 1) Why a giraffe has a long neck, 2) Why a sloth is slow, or 3) Why an elephant has a trunk. She decided to write about giraffes. So I decided to pen my attempt at the 2nd grade assignment on folktales. I hope you enjoy! One might have thought that an elephant has always had such a preposterously... [read more]

  6. It won't pause!

    Elsa: It needs to pass If there is just one thing that all peoples of all the Internet can agree about… Just one thing that could unite peoples from all countries regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity… Just one thing that is truly timeless across all generations… … it’s that farts are realllly funny. Like really really fantastically funny. Tonight was just another ordinary dinner around our dining room table. Wife, Lollipop #1, Lollipop #2... [read more]

  7. I Love My Pi-Hole

    I recently came across a post on reddit about keeping your home network safe with kids (and others who may be click happy) in the house. Many comments were made recommending dd-wrt as well as Pi-Hole for the purpose of ad and tracker blocking. It is well known ads can be used as an attack vector against your machine unbeknownst to the website owner. One stated major benefit caught my attention, a whole network could... [read more]

  8. Initial Escapades in Lockpicking

    Not long ago we found ourselves on vacation, in a rental house, with two locked bedroom doors. No, they were not locked for privacy, neither were they locked as off-limit rooms, they were locked because a mischievous five-year-old little girl was on the loose! Us on the outside, no one on the inside, and of course… no key. I reached back into memory, 2014 time frame, to a visit from a friend and his demonstration... [read more]

  9. Dear Monterey, I blame you for my running

    Dear Monterey California, Recently, I have started running distance.  Right around the time that ‘recently’ took place, the family and I moved out here, to you, Monterey County, California.   For those that are reading this open letter and have not made it out this way… Monterey is where the year round weather is mild 60’s with a light breeze, no bugs that bite you when you attempt to spend a few seconds with skin exposed to... [read more]

  10. Fast (Food) Gratification

    After a recent trip to our nearest fast food joint … Arby’s, I realized that they really must not understand why people go to Fast Food. Sure the turkey melts and junior roast beef sandwiches all came out quick … and sure the line to order was smooth and painless … but turns out beyond the goodness that this particular node of Arby’s was, there is a deep level of misunderstanding at corporate Arby’s. People go eat Fast Food, not because the... [read more]