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Mystery $?%& Light Switch

Light Switch

You know how one of the first things you do when moving into a new house or apartment is check out all the outlets to make sure they work and to also check and see which light switch toggles which outlet?

Well I am here to report that after 2.5 years living in and just a few short months shy of saying farewell to our San Antonio abode …

I still don’t know what that $?%& switch does … ugh.

And to make things worse, this is probably one of the most trafficked switches in the house.  There are two switches on the one square plate and it controls the family room lights.  How often do you leave the family room before it gets dark outside … yeah, we don’t either.  So there is at least twice a day this plate gets visited.

You would then infer (incorrectly) that I know which switch on the plate controls the family room lights and which switch is the dud.  Let’s just go with … if I knew that, I probably wouldn’t be writing this post now, would I?

Just 5 minutes ago as I was about to sit down on the couch, I flipped the switch … nothing but a furrowed brow was produced.  So I flipped the switch back off (who knows why…) and flipped the other one on … light!

Let’s make a conservative calculation here:

365 days in a year - 30 days approximately away from home = 335 days x 2 times I (not including Wife) visit the plate per day = 670 visits to the plate x 2.5 years living in this house = 1675 visits to the plate x 20% estimated flip wrong switch = 335 acts of stupidity (and that doesn’t even include my apparent need to flip the switch “off” after turning nothing “on”)

Yes, I don’t mind airing my dirty laundry.  Life sure gives plenty of good blog content!

So with that … I have no idea why I came over here to the couch in the first place…

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