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Workplace Waltz (Destroyer style...)

"SIGWO" Coffee Mug

This morning I had an experience that I felt was comical and worthy of sharing here, but when I sat down to start typing, something felt eerily familiar… Turns out that, even though I forgot both my coffee (more on this below) and lunch at home this morning, I could somehow almost sorta kinda remember writing about the exact same topic here on this blog a few years back (yes, that’s May of 2009)…

Quick search… and VOILA, there it was!  So without further adieu (so much French today…), I give you: Workplace Waltz (Destroyer Style).

So yes, this morning while walking around the house in a half-daze that only (but not really only) a duty day on the ship the day after Christmas can bring, I somehow left my coffee mug, full of perfectly brewed, cheapest-on-the-shelf, bulk coffee, at home.  No worries though, the Navy tends to have a “thang” for coffee, so I figured I would just get some once I got to work.

I make my way up to the Wardroom, grab my “SIGWO” mug from the display rack, decide to be a little crazy and different today and try some “Irish Crème” creamer (no not that kind of Irish), and head to the coffee pot.

No coffee made.  Hmmm….

Ok, how about the Keurig?  Only decaf.  Hmmmm….

Ok, I am a capable Navy Officer, I think I can make my own pot of coffee.  (Really I have no problems making my own coffee, I do it every morning (apparently regardless of whether I remember to drink it or not), but I really don’t need an entire pot of coffee just for me.)

By this point, a number of minutes had passed and I was still watching the drip drip drip drip of caffeinated awesomeness drip into the coffee pot.  I was ready to get moving.

Ok, day after Christmas … not too many people on the ship … passage ways shouldn’t be too crowded … we’re tied to the pier (not much rocking) … I bet I can make it from the Wardroom to my Stateroom back aft with an open-container coffee mug (yes against the rules).

I was really decided before I even asked myself the question.  I was making the trip.

Coffee in hand, motivation in heart, ready to go.  For those that have been on a Destroyer before, you know I only made it a dozen steps beyond the Wardroom before I realized this was going to be more difficult that originally anticipated.  Ugh … ladderwells.

Yes, three ladderwells, over 200 frames, about a dozen knee-knockers, three scalding drips, and ZERO Chiefs giving me a disapproving scowl later… I made it.

Granted, I have not yet deployed with this ship, but I have experienced my fair share of uncomfortable moments, that trip was probably one of the most nerve-racking three-and-a-half-ish minutes of my tour to date.

The coffee-driven Workplace Waltz continues, no matter where I am.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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