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The cure is worse than the problem


What a bizarre world in which we find ourselves living. A sickness is globally rampant, billionaires are building rockets that not just land on the ground for reuse, but they can also land on floating platforms in the middle of the ocean. Technology is progressing faster every single day, our Earth is warming, global currencies are becoming truly viable over traditional nation state fiat, and the Internet is filled with both wonderful knowledge and deceitful disinformation.

There is good, there is great, there is bad, and there is evil all around.

With all the craziness of how we survive day-to-day living in the year 2020, I feel that it is time that I take my public stance in support of a statement the President of the United States made back in March of this year.

“We can’t let the cure be worse than the problem” ~ President Donald J. Trump (source)

This succinct statement on a topic that impacts so many people every single day of their lives is so perfectly stated. This problem is most certainly a problem that needs resolved. While the problem will likely impact us for years to come, the current so-called “cure” to this problem is not efficient, it leaves people wondering “why?”, is likely doing more damage than the problem is already doing, and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY.

That’s right … we are talking about reusable coffee filters.

I get it, I really do. A thin paper filter that is used once and then tossed in the trash does take up room in a landfill. The plastic that wraps the group of filters follows the same path.

Use a tupperware container over a plastic bag or foil. Got it.

Use a fabric bag over a plastic grocery bag. Got it.

Use metal utensils over one-time-use plastic utensils. Got it.

But boy do I hate reusable coffee filters. My hate is not just a little. It is a lot. What do I want to do after making a bleary eyed cup of coffee in the morning? Not attempt to throw coffee grinds out of a plastic coffee filter that seems strangely magnetized to those coffee grinds. I do not want to hit the coffee filter against the side of the trash or compost bin, sending wet chunks everywhere, only to find coffee grinds still caked on the inside of the filter. I do not want to hold the reusable coffee filter under a blast of water attempting to rinse every little grind into the sink hoping that it will make it through the disposal and plumbing. No, I’ll just toss my coffee filter in the trash and drink my coffee.

I have seen articles on how much energy it takes to make cloth grocery bags vs plastic grocery bags. And much like everything in this information saturated world … I do not know what to believe.

However, I can tell you, that in order for someone to get me to use reusable coffee filters over paper filters on a regular basis, they would have to show me data that says something to the extreme of koala bears will go extinct if I continue to use paper filters.

The cure (reusable coffee filters) is definitely worse than the problem (single use coffee filters). And for better or worse … POTUS agrees.

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