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Ode to the random Googler…

Hello dear fan base… it is I, your King of the Quill (or I guess now-a-days it would have to be King of the Keys…), Jason.

All right, enough nonsense… or is it all nonsense? Anyway… I would like to share some interesting things with you all today that tickle me giddy and make me want to chuckle with glee. Today I salute all of you random Googlers, who in all your glory… somehow stumble upon this site!

Let me first stop and say I really do appreciate your visits, and I do really hope you read a little and have a thought or a smile before going ‘Back’ to the rest of the internet wilderness.

Next I would like to share a few of the keywords that Google Analytics has captured of people finding my blog in the past week.

- blarged - lunken tower - people say im crazy crazy ooo aah - snuffelu - unix shell script take a break from looking at a computer screen for 5 minutes every 45 minutes

How funny are some of those? I can figure out how all of these keywords found my blog almost… I imagine a friend of mine (or maybe myself) searched blarged just to find my site… so no surprises. Someone searched ‘lunken tower’ and probably found my flight lessons posted. As for the ‘crazy crazy ooo aah’ search… well… someone on the great internet is a little kooky… but it is ok, I really think we all are more of the time than not. That individual probably found my post about trolls taking over my cubicle at night and lowering my armrests…

quick side note... it is very strange: ever since I posted that post about my armrests being lowered every morning... they haven't been touched since! Weird....

So the person who searched ‘snuffelu’, I will first say, “bless you” and “did you cover your nose?” I really have no idea what page they found on my blog, although I think ‘snuffelu’ might be one of my new favorite words! And lastly, the nerd who somehow found my blog by typing a book into Google, all I guess I should say is… “welcome home!”

Thank you all you random Googlers and I appreciate your traffic. Whether you read one post, all posts, or frantically hit the back button as soon as you saw my site so quickly your mouse now has 5 buttons… the extra visitor count on my analytics report makes me indeed a happy camper.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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