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Flying Lesson Siesta

It is true... a siesta... hiatus... break... is being taken from flying lessons.. Would you like to hear my logic behind it? Of course you would.Basically it all comes down to financial reason. I am coming close to the end of my full time Internship in which I will be going back to school and working only part time. This will deflate my bank account very quickly causing more loans. That just isn't fun.When I went in to flying I went in with the mindset of it being a hobby (yes, a very expensive Read more [...]

Flight Lesson 17 – Is this plane airworthy???

Arriving at Lunken as the sun was dipping past the horizon, it was a strange feeling... Usually I'm leaving the airport at this time, not just getting here. Tonight, we start night flight with a nighttime cross-country... and I don't think anything more could have decided otherwise for us.During preflight we were checking lights and noticed that the landing light was out of commission. Kind of against regs to fly without the landing light... but, we'll survive. We still have our strobes and nav Read more [...]

Flight Lesson 16 – A Long Cross Country

I showed up to Lunken today with my flight plan prepared only to find out that there were slight changes in plans.... well, major changes in plans.... complete changes in plans.Not only were we changing locations of our cross country, but we were going to be flying a four-seater Piper Cherokee with a passenger in back. I was very excited to fly the slightly bigger plane.The Cherokee felt much heavier than the Skippers, probably because it is, and in addition we had an extra passenger in the back.We Read more [...]

Flight Lesson 15 – a very gorgeous day

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I had such a fun time flying!If you normally follow my flight lessons, you have probably noticed an absence in blogs. Yesterday I went up for the first time in about two weeks. Between iffy weather last week and being sick, I just never got the chance to fly.There was a little bit of wind whipping around on the ground so I expected to be tossed around a little bit up in the air, but it was surprisingly smooth. And was it ever clear! On my way back west to Lunken Read more [...]

Flight Lesson 14

I went up solo today. Flew about 25 miles southeast to Meldahl Lock and Dam, did some maneuvers and toyed around for a little bit. I did one practice stall, but the stall horn wasn't working. So when I started falling out of the sky I corrected fine and decided to head back for a few touch and go's.It was quite bouncy up there today.On the way home I think I left my flight bag on the top of my car when I drove away... have you seen it?I'm now missing...- flight headset- log book (filled out with Read more [...]