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Needy Giant Lapdog


I’ve written about our quirky pup, Jolie, previously.  She’s so special…

Well in the post linked above I talked about how she will try and escape baby gates to get away from sounds.  I didn’t mention what she will do at night … attempt to crawl into bed with us if a sound annoys her the wrong way.  Well this quirk has moved down to yet another location.

Now she targets our laps while we sit on the couch.

When down on the couch, working on the laptop, watching TV, reading a book, whatever it might be.  You might all of a sudden find a 40 pound puppy doing her best to be a lapdog.  Slowly sneaking … closer and closer.

And now … she has decided this is a great way to tell us that she wants something.

I actually approve very much of the dogs telling us they want something.  We tried for a very long time to get our other pup, Daisy, to tell us when she wanted to go outside instead of going in the house.  She eventually stopped using our carpet as a toilet, but never mastered the art of telling us she wants to go outside.  She knocks on the door just fine to get back inside.  But to get outside was never a success story.

If the dogs would somehow communicate with us to let us know they wanted out, water, whatever it might be, would probably make everyone’s life a little easier.

So now … down on the couch, working on the laptop, watching TV, reading a book, whatever it might be… Jolie attempts to climb aboard… it could mean that a phone is buzzing somewhere, the dryer is going, the water bowl is empty, she wants to go outside, or who knows what else!

Such a sweet pup, though.  Full of love.  And yet probably causing more gray hairs than work and my kid combined…

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