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Jolie the quirky dog

Jolie the quirky dog

I love Jolie.  I really do… but she is one weird pup.

We have had Jolie for about as long as we have had Little Lady.  On the tail end of a jog about 16 months ago, Wife and I found four pups and a momma dog wandering the neighborhood.  For those that have spent any time in San Antonio, you know that this is not unusual.  There are all sorts of stray animals that roam the streets.  Really quite sad.

But keeping a long story brief, we found the foster owner that was watching the dogs until they all found homes.  All the pups had homes but momma dog did not.  We fell for her and adopted her as quick as we could.

And so the Jolie trials adventures began…

She has a couple odd … err … quirks.

The one that affects us most in our daily lives is her complete and utter distaste for any electronic devices playing quick “notification” sounds.

TV show audio is ok … cell phone text messages tones are not … Music from the radio is ok … email tones from the computer are not … Sounds from Little Lady’s books are ok … alerts from Facebook on the iPad are not …

The moment she hears one of those tones, she quietly stands up and walks over to the stairs and paws at the baby gate to let us know that she wants outta here.  If we don’t respond she does her best to climb the baby gate to get upstairs.  We have a baby gate at both the top and bottom of the stairs.  One day while we were away, the tones had gotten to her so bad that she climbed over both the baby gates and was stuck upstairs when we returned.  I don’t quite know how she made it over the one at the top of the steps, but thanks goodness she didn’t get hurt!

So… needless to say.  We try our best to keep all audio turned off at all times on the phones/computers/iPad.

This makes for very challenging circumstances when Little Lady has walked off with a phone and we are trying to call it to figure out where it is, listening as best as possible to hear a muted vibration.

She is a good dog, though.  Between Jolie and Daisy, Jolie is best with Little Lady.  Maybe from her recent short tenure as momma for her pups?  She has good patience with Little Lady and is very good with her.  Sometimes I fear that is her only saving grace…

Maybe at a future time I’ll write about some of her other quirks … although … this could turn into a book …

What crazy quirks do your pets have that drive you crazy?

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