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Headed under water

Keeping my feet on the ground just doesn’t cut it.  Yesterday, I registered for SCUBA lessons at The Scuba Shack.  Myself and Melissa start lessons next Sunday, 11/30/2008.  We picked up our required gear and are very excited to get started.  It did cost a pretty penny for initial costs, but hoping to get a little bit of that offset as I am asking for SCUBA money for Christmas.

I figure I will do with these SCUBA posts a lot like I did with my Flying Lessons posts.  After each lesson/outing, I’ll write a quick summary.  And of course if there is anything else fun and exciting I’ll post as well about that.

The Scuba Shack is an SSI (SCUBA School International) certified school for those that are interested.  I’ve done a little looking into the differences between SSI vs PADI on a SCUBA forum that I’ve signed up for, and it really just seems both are fine, and preferences are all in people’s opinions.  One thing I do like about SSI is that it sounds like for a instructor to teach under the SSI name, they must be teaching with relation to a SCUBA shop (unlike PADI).  This keeps us as students safe from Joe Scuba teaching not-so-safe lessons out of his garage and kiddy swimming pool.  (But we are going through a shop anyway… so really I’m just rambling).

Melissa (the girlfriend) has a brother and sister-in-law that are both certified through The SCUBA Shack as well and they seem to really enjoy it.  AND… one last thing, then I’ll close this post and get back to homework… the best thing about The SCUBA Shack is that once you start taking lessons from them, you are able to use their pool anytime during business hours as long as it doesn’t interfere with already scheduled classes.  This includes the use of the equipment we do not own yet (such as regulators/air/wetsuits…).  We are very excited about that.


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