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Alan Shepard: My first look-a-like in space

Just received a letter (yes a real letter) in the mail that had a paragraph that read as follows:

I was looking at my Alan Sheppard stamps and realized there is an incredible resemblance there to you.

No… I thought.  My correspondance and I have not exactly spent a lot of time in each other’s company, so he must be mistaken.

Alan Shepard Stamp - First American in Space

Bam!  There it was… sure enough.

I gave it to Wife to check out and without hesitation… “Is that you?”

Upon MUCH further observation I think the ears, cheeks and chin are a little different.  But the nose, eyes and forehead are pretty spot on.  I’m impressed.

Time for a Google Image Search!

Ok, so most of the time we don’t look much alike at all… but that stamp is a WINNER!

I did find a digital copy of the stamp, though, which I promptly saved off onto my computer.  Pretty cool.

Alan Shepard Digital Stamp - First American in Space

Alan Shepard / Jason Digital Stamp - First American in Space

Ok, yeah yeah… my cut and paste skillz are a bit lacking…

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