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Wikify your paragraph

Recently I started a US Navy History blog that is (so far) doing nothing except re-posting what is found on the “this day in history” page of  I did this for a couple reasons.  The first reason was that they don’t have an RSS feed over there that I can subscribe to.  The second reason is that I wanted to add to the usability of the article.  To do this, I wanted to insert links to Wikipedia for quick and easy reference to topics covered in the paragraphs.

First I found [email protected].  This was pretty good … except 1) they request that you put 1 second between each query and 2) they only support single words.  I wanted to “read” through the article and smartly insert hyperlinks.

Here’s what I came up with:


[1898 ]( )- [USS Oregon]( departs [San Francisco]( for [a 14]([,](,)[000]( [trip]( [around]( [South America]( to [join]( [the U.S. ]( )[Squadron]( off [Cuba]( [1917 ]( )- [The Navy]( [Department]( authorizes [enrollment]( of [women]( in the [Naval Reserve]( with [ratings]( of [yeoman]([,](,) [radio]( [electrician]( or other [essential]( [ratings]( [1942 ]( )- [The Secretary]( of [the Navy]( gives the [Civil Engineering]( [Corps]( [command]( of the [Seabees]( For more [information]( about [naval history]([,](,) [visit]( the [Naval Historical Center]( [Web site]( at [[www.]([history]([](]( > > > > (via []( > >

This code works well for me. It is a little messy with some checks I put in to only give me words that I care about, but as I said, it gets the job done.

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