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Wieners and TV

What a sausage fest! Did you hear about all the Wieners just rolling around Cincinnati’s I-471 yesterday (9/26) morning? I mean really… just take a look:

This picture is viewable as long as WKRC hosts the picture... Thanks and sorry if its gone

Apparently some truck tipped over and spilled all these rotten hot dogs, sausages, along with some other processed meat. How fun would it have been to see that!

Anyway… on to other important matters, let’s talk about a new TV show… Chuck.

So I noticed this show that was on before Heroes on Monday evening, and it looked a little intriguing. I set my tape to start recording an hour earlier so I could catch not only Heroes but also Chuck. Two nights ago I finally got to watch it. I give it 3 out of 5 stars… or 3 of 5 thumbs up… or 3 of 5 priceless imaginable gold trophies… whatever floats their boat the most.

Basically the show to me appears to me as if some geeky guy was sitting in his office one day and thought: “Man… How sweet would it be to work for the government and know all their secrets…” and then he went back to soldering some logic board together.

The show can be summed up as the ultimate geek fantasy. I have always thought it would be pretty darn sweet to work for the government. Basically any job where I learn things that I’m not allowed to tell the ‘general public’ would be a pretty sweet job… hah.

So Chuck gets an email that holds all the government’s secrets without realizing it and opens it. It puts him in a trance and his brain is now the central computer that holds all the government secrets. AND… Somehow the government hadn’t backed up this computer… a little far fetched… but intriguing.

I’m not really sure how this show is going to pan out, but I plan on watching when I can. They throw a cute blonde into the madness along with guns, explosions, computer viruses and the Nerd Herd (the show’s poor play off of the Geek Squad…) to pull together a rather awkward package. But still… it intrigues me for now.

Tonight is the 4th season premiere of The Office though… and for that I am super excited! Smallville also starts tonight.

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