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Who’s going to be this Billionaire?

You know what is going to be a great invention someday? A non-addictive, non-harmful, sleep inducing apparatus of some sort.

As you can tell from not only the timestamp but possibly also my quality of writing.. it is going on 4am on a Sunday night / Monday morning. It is true, I do have a 9am class tomorrow. In fact I have class from 9am to 2pm with rehearsal from 830pm to 1030pm… It won’t be a very fun day.

Anyway… someday there will be a switch that we just flip that makes us go in the most peaceful and restful sleep we have ever had.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • No more tossing and turning in bed waiting for sleep to overcome us
  • No more time wasted while being awake when you could/should be sleeping
  • Sleep time would decrease significantly because of the quality of sleep we would experience

As for the negatives… I can’t come up with any right now… other than the fact that there wouldn’t be blog entries like this one for you all to read when you wake up at your normal hour tomorrow… well… later today.

My guess is that the sleeping aparatus will have something to do with our breath. Maybe it will be a little clip that you put on your nose and within one minute of enabling the device you are asleep. Maybe there are pressure points in our ears that we don’t know about yet, and a certain clip-on ear ring could be attached for instant shuteye. Maybe there is specific eye wear that you put over your eyes, and you find yourself quickly drifting off into the land of make believe.

This would become part of our daily routine. When it is time for bed, clip it on and off you go. There might even be a way to set the amount of sleep you get. Just a power nap in the afternoon? Set the device to let you sleep for 25 minutes. A full nights sleep so you will be completely awake for a busy day of work, set it to 8 hours. Home late from the airport only to realize that you must get up for work in 5 hours. Well just set it to 5 hours and hit the sack.

Depending on the type of sleep that you are put into… this device might need to have some added features. One feature might be for young parents who have a baby in another room. When the baby starts crying, the device will either wake you or bring you out of the complete deep sleep. It might also be attached to your house alarm or fire/carbon monoxide detectors.

In any perspective… the guy (or gal) who invents this device will have more fame and fortune that anyone else (too tired to think of a specific person)

My guess is that there is some pressure point on our body that when touched a certain way will put you to sleep. Maybe I could just lay back down in bed and pick my nose hoping to find the right spot. Actually I don’t think the nose would have the pressure point… probably the ears. If the apparatus was made for the nose, I would think that it would be putting out some vapor.

But I think I confused my Guinea Pigs… I came over here to the recliner, turned on the light and started typing. They immediately woke up and are now moving around the cage in normal morning routine. Aren’t they going to be confused when I turn the lights back off here in a minute. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

I should stop writing before the rambling becomes unbearable and I really start to lose readers ;-) Have a good one, happy dreams!

PS… I am thinking about changing the location of this blog from to just I have recently purchased which I am going to be turning into my ‘homepage’. Just an FYI, if and when this happens I’ll give you a heads up so you can update your bookmarks and reader links.

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