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Where Computers are Headed Next

The world of computers is always changing, as it should be.  We all know that things are moving more towards a hands… or rather… fingers on approach with Windows 7 and products such as the iPhone.  Multi-touch technology has a lot of potential.  Get rid of the mostly unmodifiable hardware such as a keyboard and mouse for a dynamically changing interface on a screen.  This move makes sense.  But where are we going in the long run.

Do you want to know what I think?  Of course you do, you are reading my blog!  I believe after this change in hardware, there is going to be a big push in change for software.  This software change will create a new definition of mobility.

Laptops are meant to be mobile.  They are designed for the person that wants to be able to access their files, documents, and other media wherever they are.  And this works great, mostly.

People sometimes have multiple computers and want to access their files from either computer.  This is where products like MobileMe (once upon a time .Mac) come into play syncing up calendars/address books/bookmarks/and even files through iDisk.  This isn’t enough though.

Where technology is going, as greater storage devices become cheaper, is that every person will have their own computer profile.  When I am at the mall, I might want to see a picture of my dog, so I go to the computer cafe, press my thumb against a finger print recognition device, and within a minute, I see my desktop with my specific background, with all my folders just as I like them.  My entire machine is now at my disposal.  I don’t have to take my computer with me anymore, the data is always available.

A person can have multiple machine profiles.  Maybe a work profile, a home profile, a school profile, or anything of the sorts.  Of course this comes with security threats, but what intercomputer communication doesn’t at this point.  With this new found mobility, I suspect Apple will have their own version in comparison to a Windows release.  Of course Apple’s will be better.

Your information will be stored on servers either hosted from your home, or (more likely at first) hosted from internet service providers, or companies like GoDaddy.  Eventually every home network will be stable enough that a little box sits with a calming glow on the television stand, but holds terrabytes of information from the families computer.  This little box would then be called upon from anywhere in the world.  No longer do you have to worry about having that specific file for a meeting, and no longer do you need to carry an extra 5 pounds around of laptop and accessories.

The world wants efficiency and ease of use.  This is where computers are headed next.

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