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Welcome to Apple

I got a FedEx package that had ‘Welcome to Apple’ written on it!

That’s right, I will be working for Apple come Spring and Summer quarters.  I will be headed out to Cupertino, California to work for Apple’s Architecture and Performance hardware group.  I am very excited about the opportunity to work for Apple and am very much looking forward to getting there.

It is kinda sad though that I’ll be leaving everyone here for 6 months.

Apple is, however, taking very good care of me.  I will be making the three day drive out there (which Apple will pay for).  I will find an apartment to live in while I’m there (which Apple will pay 500 a month of).  There will be lots of other interns there so they organize sport teams and such.

AND…. I’ll be in California…. near a beach hopefully :-)

I’ll post more when the time is right.

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