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Weekend of Taste

This weekend was a very nice extended weekend. Saturday and Sunday were mostly spent downtown on 5th street with friends at Taste of Cincinnati. For those that don’t know what Taste of Cincinnati is, it is where many of the Cincinnati Restaurants get judged for ‘best dishes’ and all the such, and then they take up a street downtown for a weekend and sell their most famous dishes from their tents. All in All its a great time to get some food, hang with friends, and hear some good concerts.

Me being rather poor at the moment, I didn’t buy any food but a 2 dollar ear of corn which was probably the best ear of corn I have ever tasted in my life. I also spent a dozen dollars or so on some fine beer for the weekend. I tried a dark Worsteiner, which I enjoyed extremely, and I’ll have to see how their prices are in the stores.

Today, Monday, Memorial Day, I went home to Mason to celebrate my Grandma’s birthday. 39 and still holding (as she says). It was a good time. Time with the family is always enjoyable.

The long extended weekend turned out to be as relaxing and fun as expected. I got to hang out with a few people I have really met before and also with good friends. While at Taste on Sunday night it pored down rain. We stood over a sewer grate playing the thumbs game while the rain was blown up past us and our close dried from the (I’m sure so clean) sewer warm air.

I hope your long weekend was as enjoyable as mine. A short 4-day work week ahead… unfortunately a work week at all…


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