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Watsonville Fly-in and Air show

I went to the Watsonville Fly-in and Air show this past Saturday and had a great time. I wasn’t really dressed for the weather though. I was wearing shorts and t-shirt with a hooded sweatshirt, but I kind of sat and shivered for the entire time I was there. I still managed to sun burn my nose and knees though, even though it was chilly, windy and cloudy. I loved watching the air show though. The clouds came down a little low at one point making it so that the second sky-diving act couldn’t happen, but other than that, everything worked out perfectly.

My favorite planes to watch were the old military prop planes. P-51 Mustang is always one of my favorites to watch. I also really loved the aerobatics. I think that would be huge amounts of fun to learn someday. I know there’s an air field a little North of Mason at home where they offer lessons in a tail-dragger, and also aerobatics, two things that would be lots of fun.

By the time the air show was done, I was so cold that I decided just to leave instead of really sticking around to look at the static displays. There’s a few air shows I have planned this summer, so hopefully I didn’t miss all too much.

With my new camera, I took over 500 pictures just playing around with different options and such. But I put together 30 of my favorite into an album on my site. You can view them here:


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