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1.5 hours until takeoff…. 0.5 hours til the storm of the century… canceled? I really don’t know. I called and left a message with Flamingo about 30 minutes ago and am waiting on further word. If I had to guess, which I will, I would guess that since I have paid for 30 minutes of ground instruction and 60 minutes of flight instruction, I will show up and get 30 minutes of ground instruction and be done. I would really prefer to do it all at once though (better for the gas) Another note to make is that in the paperwork that I just signed yesterday, it says that Flamingo will call me if lessons are to be canceled, unfortunately, they don’t give a time specification for prior to lesson. So now I wait… I’m nervous, and still excited. Maybe we’ll just go ahead and fly through the storm of the century… wouldn’t that be exciting… heh, I kinda want to live to see tomorrow.

More updates later!


Zookeeper Cat

Here’s hoping your instructor isn’t prone to airsickness…. Unlike my buddy (aptly nicknamed “Goose”), who will only take me up in the winter when turbulence is minimal.

Enjoyable blog. Man, I like HTML, but the programming stuff you talk about… Well, I’d shoot myself in the head. Glad somebody else is out there being the glue of the digital universe.

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