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Universal Google Identity

I absolutely love Google.  When I get to work in the morning, no kidding, the first things that open in my FireFox web browser are…

  1. Google Finance

  2. Google News

  3. Gmail

And soon after there is sure to be a Google search that occurs.

What I want to discuss, more specifically, is Google News.  My favorite thing about Google News is the amount of information provided in one place.  On the front page I have my major headlines broken into different categories (including one that is personalized to my history).  And then if I want to dig further into a certain story, I can view dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of more stories that are related.  I can break this massive list down by geographical location or the time of day it was posted… AMAZING!

The biggest downfall here, however, is that when I go to these news sites to read the articles, if I want to leave a comment, most of the time I am required to log in for that site.  I hate this.  Now I guess I could register for every single news site that I want to be able to comment on, but why not make this a little easier?  Since Google is providing this traffic to the articles and sites, why don’t these sites partner up with Google so that you can use your already logged in Google profile to leave comments?

This would make me a very happy news junkie.

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