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Translation Ping Pong

Do you ever use online translations? I have. Lots of the time they are very accurate, however, sometimes the opposite is true. Otherwise suppose to be ordinary sounding phrases get morphed to unrelated malarky. Carl Tashian over on wrote a really amusing post about what happens if you take a phrase, in English, then translate it back and forth between 5 different languages?

The outcome more times than not is really funny. Let me give you an example of one of my favorites I have found so far:

Without including Japanese, Chinese, and Korean... the following can be found **Original English Text:** --> Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess. **Translated to French:** --> _Il était une fois il y avait une belle princesse._ **Translated back to English:** --> It was once there was a beautiful princess. **Translated to German:** --> _Es war, sobald es eine schöne Prinzessin gab._ **Translated back to English:** --> It was, as soon as there was a beautiful princess. **Translated to Italian:** --> _Era, non appena ci era una principessa bella._ **Translated back to English:** --> It was, not hardly was one beautiful prince. **Translated to Portuguese:** --> _Era, era não mal um príncipe bonito._ **Translated back to English:** --> It was, was not badly a pretty prince. **Translated to Spanish:** --> _Era, no era gravemente príncipe bonito._ **Translated back to English:** --> It was, was not seriously pretty prince.

Good stuff, right?

I have gone ahead and created a form on this post for you to do your funky translations, but I highly suggest you check out the original post.

Have fun!

Enter English Text and “Babelize” it:

Include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean

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