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To Fly, or to be Invisible…

Have you heard the recent commercials on the radio where the two guys are debating over whether it would be cooler to have the super power to fly, or the super power to be invisible? I think the commercial is for some cell phone… or something… apparently their marketing campaign failed with me…

So here’s my thought process…

If you know me at all you would immediately say… well of course Jason would rather fly! And my initial thoughts are the same… I think the super power of flight would be amazingly cool! But also being me, I have to think too much and analyze the pros and cons of both super powers.

_Positives of Flying..._ - You can get places quicker - You can visit place you wouldn't normally be able to visit - You could give people rides by just letting them hang onto your shoestrings - IT IS SUPER COOL
_Positives of Invisibility..._ - You can go places your not supposed to be - You can be sneaky - You can be alone when you want to be alone - You can walk in late to work without your boss realizing it... ;-) - IT IS SUPER COOL

OK… so maybe making the lists of Pros was not the best method to analyze the issue at hand. Well how about some examples of a day with each power.

_Things I would do in my day of flying..._ - Go to the Ocean - Fly around the world (a few times) - Find some whales and dolphins - Sit in the air for a while on a street corner and watch people's expressions when they see me - Call NPR and have them do a story on me
_Things I would do in my day of invisibility..._ - Walk through the house with people around to see what they're talking about - Go to the police station / government buildings and go in all the rooms I'm not supposed to be in - Keep tapping Sean on the shoulder without him knowing I'm there - Drive my car really fast and get pulled over for speeding just to see the officers expression when he gets to the car - Not call NPR so no one would know!

So I guess the differences are in that if I had the ability to fly, it would be like being on vacation all the time. If I had the ability to be invisible, I would be a sneak.

From a third party perspective, I would assume you read those lists and think that I should probably choose flying… but the potential of knowing so much forbidden information is quite attractive!

If I were invisible, I would of course have to watch out for foreign governments and them capturing me and using me for their evil deeds. They wouldn’t care about a flying person as much as someone who is invisible I think. Now you’re thinking well couldn’t you just turn invisible and escape? Well you have to give those foreign governments a little credit, they would probably already know the names and address of all family (and maybe those that read this blog too!… watch out…).

So here’s my conclusion I think…

If I had the ability forever…. I would choose to fly
If I had the ability for just a week…. I would choose to be invisible

Fair enough? if not… too bad :-D

So how about you? Which ability would you rather have??? or would you rather have something beyond these two?

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