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Tickle Age

“One…” her head whips around to watch you and her eyes light up.

“Two…” she starts to wiggle and smile.

“THREE!!!” she screams with delight as the Tickle Monster attacks her belly, sides, and underarms.

Yup, that’s a normal game in our house.  Little Lady LOVES to be tickled.  Her Dad on the other hand… I hate being tickled.  I’m one of those people that if I fear someone might even being thinking of a thought that might make them think of another thought that just may make them ponder the idea of tickling me… I give the upfront warning…

"I can not guarantee your safety should you feel the need to tickle me."

This really got me thinking, at what age do people stop enjoying the act of being tickled?

You know exactly what I am talking about… find me a little kid that doesn’t practically beg to be tickled.  They will wiggle, scream and fight to get away… but once successful, will always come bounding back for more.  For some strange and incomprehensible reason, there is something about those terrifying few moments where some person’s fingers are poking and jabbing ribs that kids find unbelievably enjoyable.

I find music enjoyable.

I find writing enjoyable.

I find watching television enjoyable.

I 100% do not find any joy in being tickled.  Although I might find some joy in taking a swing at you if you did start tickling me.

No idea when this hatred came into my life.  But I guess that is one of the adventures we will have with Little Lady.  I have full confidence that she will let us know very quickly when she is done with that game.

And with that… I’ll leave you with a clip that I’m sure would have given me night terrors (worse than nightmares) many times over if it weren’t for all the characters being oh-so-cute vegetables!

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