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The Perfect 1.5 Miles

I moved into a new apartment complex not long ago and finally got out on the neighborhood streets (see embeded Google Map at the end of the post) today for a quick run.  It was fantastic.  I love this new neighborhood!

I found a nice 1.5 mile path that took me around a few cul-de-sacs and stayed off main streets.  The weather was perfect for running, mid to low 60’s, not really much breeze and a gorgeous sunset behind some giant cumulus clouds that were glowing brilliant reds, oranges and yellows.

And if the sunset wasn’t enough, while running down my first cul-de-sac, I round a turn in the road and notice a deer.  I wasn’t sure if it was a real or a fake lawn dear at first, but when it moved I didn’t really have much question.  In fact, there were two deer in the front lawn of the house, a mother and a fawn, munching on the grass or seeds that had fallen from trees.  As I ran closer to their yard, the mother stopped and watched me run by while the fawn continued munching on the ground.  And on the way back after rounding the cul-de-sac the same routine, mother watched me go past and we both continued about our business.  Sure it may seem a bit silly to you, but I thought it was really neat.

Nearing the end of my run, I was running past a yard where two kids were playing.  There was a boy about 9 years old and a girl about 5 I would say.  They were playing some form of dodge ball, I believe.  The older boy would take a soccer ball and a football and throw them at his little sister as she ran around trying to take cover behind trees.  At first I thought he was being a big bully and tormenting her, but as I got closer, it really looked like the girl was having fun ducking and dodging the incoming objects.  I don’t think she ever had the chance to throw a ball back at her older brother, but she was enjoying herself.

On the last 1/5 of a mile I picked up the pace and ended catching my breath with a good feeling of accomplishment.  What a great run!

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