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The Navy Waiting Game: Take 2

All the papers are updated, signed, dated, and sent off to Tennessee.  Finally!

Since it had been over a year since my last application for BDCP/OCS, a lot of my papers had to be updated.  Mostly it was just updating current address for contacts, but it all takes time.  Another time filler was completing my new Degree Completion Plan.  I only had a few quarters to fill out in the DCP, which made it nice, but it still involved meeting with and emailing back and forth with advisers/professors to figure out class schedules.  All while spending 8 to 5 at work, makes juggling the tasks tricky.

My updated application has some additional letters of recommendation, some great professional experience from both Apple and Kroger, an updated (and much better in my opinion) motivational statement, and a nice concise reconsideration letter telling the board why they should reconsider me in my second attempt to earn a spot as an Officer Candidate.

One other major change to my application is that I am now applying for two different designators, instead of just one as in my previous application.  My first choice is still Information Warfare (IW).  My second choice is Surface Warfare Officer / Information Warfare (SWO/IW).  This differs in the fact that if selected, I would graduate OCS as an SWO Ensign and go straight to a ship for deployment of 6 to 10 months.  There I would most likely be a Division Officer (Divo) and earn my SWO pin.  Once my Divo tour is complete I would then lateral transfer to the IW community.  I like this option because it provides a broader experience, which I think would be crucial and essential to my daily work as an IWO.  I have read, however, that those who are direct IWO have plenty of opportunity to deploy and earn their SWO pin (or something comparable?).

All-in-all, I’m feeling pretty good about my application.  I think I have shown some good improvements since my last submission, and applying again shows the board that I am serious about wanting a commission as a Naval Officer.  I am doing my best not to get my hopes up too high, as last time I received my non-select I was really bummed.  I figure, this will be my last attempt at applying through BDCP.  If I am non-select this time around, my next application opportunity will be within 6 months of graduation, so I’d be applying for direct ascension to OCS.

The IW board will meet in May (probably just past the middle of the month) and the SWO/IW board will meet in June.

Ready, Set, Wait!

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