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The Mystery of the Badge

No matter what I do, my ID badge that I wear attached to my belt will always turn around so that the back of the badge is facing out and the picture side is facing towards me…

You know those little hooks that have the spring loaded string so that your badge can be moved away from your body?  Well, yeah, I have one of those and it does not cooperate.  I have tried everything, I unhook my badge so it is facing the opposite way on the spring loaded string… but it always ends up that the back of the badge faces out.  This isn’t a new issue either.  When I was at Kroger, my badge would always flip so that the back side was facing out.  Now that I am at Apple, my badge always flips so that the back side is facing out.  I can’t win!

I thought I had it figured out today.  I have this other spring loaded string badge holder… thingy… that is angled in a way so that when the string comes back in, the badge will either face forwards or backwards, and supposedly stay that way because it is in a groove.  I attached it and went about my day.  Of course, on the way back from lunch… my badge is backwards…

Oh the mysteries of life…

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