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The Japanese Motorcycle Man (minus one limb)

Did you hear about the Japanese biker guy who while attempting to cut a tight turn got too close to the guard rail and amputated his own leg?!? If that’s not enough to believe… he then rode on for 1.2 miles without even realizing that he lost his leg!

haha… moron…

Seriously, when you accidentally slam your finger in a door, what’s the first thing you do? You look at your finger! Everyone does it, its not a by chance sort of thing. The article states that this guy ‘felt excruciating pain, but did not notice that his right leg was missing until he stopped at the next junction’. So he felt the pain, but somehow he just didn’t take the second to look down and realize his leg was missing.

And to make the story even better…

The one-legged motorcycle businessman has a friend who was out riding with him. This friend took the responsibility of being a good buddy and after seeing the gruesome scene stopped to pick up the leg.

Let me do one of my favorite things… let me paint myself into this picture…

[Insert dreamy wafting away music here]

My roommate Sean and I are riding our motorcycles down the highway. He’s up front and I’m bringing up the tail. We’re cruising, its a beautiful day with the sun shining past a few clouds keeping us warm with the cool mosquito-filled breeze rushing past our ears. We’re going a little over the speed limit, but who wouldn’t? It is gorgeous outside and we love to go fast. A sharp turn surprises the both of us. Sean, while trying to compensate the direction change gets too close to the guard barrier and slams his leg against the metal. He doesn’t crash, but appears to be a little shaken. Then from out of nowhere something comes flopping and bouncing right at my bike. I swerve to avoid the UBO (unidentified bouncing object) and quickly realize that object was wearing a shoe… it was Sean’s leg! I look up only to see a narrow stream of blood making a trail behind Sean’s bike that would make Hansel and Gretel proud.

I quickly double back and pick up the dismembered limb and zip off in chase of my friend short of one leg. As I speed up doing my best to catch up, I am yelling his name as loud as I can and waving the bloody hunk over my head! Finally, after 1.2 miles of disbelief, Sean slows down only to realize that he’s not going to be able to prop his bike very well at the stop. I catch up and when in close enough proximity kick him in the back with his own leg before just looking at him and saying… you moron!

[Enough of the dreamy wafty music… you can stop humming now]

Haha… seriously, how can you not realize you just amputated one of the thickest bones in your body!

I really do love finding random news stories like that… do you have any to share that you have found lately? Please do!

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