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The Homeless Union

This morning, on the way into church, a man with nasty teeth, a need for a shave, and an even greater need for a shower was standing outside the entrance asking those coming in if they could spare a dollar so he could get lunch. Usually, I’ll give a dollar to those who ask, if I do indeed (and it is rare) have cash on me. This time I thought I’d try something different.

(Reaches hand out for a hand shake) "You spare a few dollars for food?" (I acknowledge and return the hand shake) "Well how about I meet you after the service and we can go get lunch together?" "That would be very fine... I'll see you here after the service."

I was actually kind of surprised he accepted my offer. Most of the time you just think they say its for food, but then go buy some Colt45 to wash their minds away. The entire service I was thinking about him, trying to decide if he was really going to be there for our ‘lunch date’. The service ended and I was quick to get outside, and sure enough he was there. We made way to Jersey Mike’s and ordered some food (to go on his request) We talked a lot, he asked lots of questions about my life, my family, and actually seemed throughly interested. I in return asked him about his family and life, he was raised with 16 foster kids and loved to cook/bake and paint/draw. Quite an interesting character.

I am, however, convinced that the homeless are all part of a union. I am sure they have meetings to argue over who gets what corner at what times of day… also of course to hand out the latest cardboard sign. ‘Homeless… Hungry… God Bless’ ‘Vietnam War Veteran - Homeless - Please Help - God Bless’
And its true, all their signs do say God Bless… but I’ve never seen a homeless looking person in a church service.
I think next week, if I see my homeless friend again (I wish I could remember his name) I’ll take him to lunch again, but first invited him in for the service. Have a good rest of weekend, GO OSU!

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