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The end of the world, or rather... new beginning?

Have you heard?  The world is most likely going to end sometime between October 8th, 2008 and November 5th, 2008.

The end will begin on September 10th, 2008.  Predictions from some scientists are in that will “create a black hole that will suck life”.  Ok, so first off… didn’t these scientists go through high school physics?  Nothing sucks… it is a vacuum.  And second, it’s ok, because life will start anew.

You see, this experiment will rush particles at one another at near light speed in hopes that they collide so that it “will recreate conditions of the earliest universe that might just answer missing links in physics and science”.  So basically, the big bang.  Now all these scientists that are worried that this will recreate the big bang are the scientists that believe our universe started with the big bang.  So inherently, if this wipes us out… isn’t that just a form of evolution, which you believe in so much?  We destroy ourselves, and in doing so create new life that will hopefully be smart enough not to repeat the same unfortunate mistake?

Or maybe… we are the umpteenth time that this has happened.  Every time those pesky humans create a new big bang wiping themselves out and starting over.  I guess starting over with a clean slate isn’t really following the laws of evolution… it isn’t really survival of the fittest, more just hitting the reset button on the Nintendo after getting a game over.  Or maybe this is like when you beat a game on the Nintendo and you don’t want to watch the credits… because they never even let you save after watching the credits, so really it is like you never beat the final bowser because you aren’t able to save!!!!! (so frustrating…) And us figuring out how life began… the big bang… is game over, roll the credits.  And us being in a rush, just hit the reset button to speed things up.

Yeah, I’m just typing away, whatever comes into my mind… scary, eh?  I won’t blabber on with anymore of my convoluted rant.  A week from yesterday I will be leaving California and heading back to Ohio.  Back to school!

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