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The Dialogs of Vacation

So normally I don’t write posts on the weekends… but I was just reminded by my little brother about my promise to share some vacation quotes. If you don’t remember, I don’t blame you, but here they are.

While sitting in the airports and just around on vacation, I made notes of some of the funny things I heard. This was especially true on the way out, on the way back I was just tired and not paying nearly as much attention. Enjoy!

"Yellow monster... it's me, Lenny!" - a pilot on his phone after getting off a plane
We'd like to invite... ... Hey we can't hear you! Sir, you interrupted me... ... Sorry for telling you how to do you job! - the first and only time I found someone I really didn't want to get on a flight with, haha. I really thought security was going to come and take this guy away
Would passenger Muhammad Ghandi please report to gate 40
Dad? ... Yes son? Which two languages would you learn? I would learn German and Japanese so if I go to Japan I can order a pizza! - A son and father looking at the Rosetta Stone ad in the Skymall

That’s all folks!

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