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The best sort of payday

I have decided that people might work a little harder in the workplace if they were paid a little differently.

What if, every pay day, let’s just say every other week, you were working at your desk, and the administrative assistant came around and set down a good size stack of 20’s.

Yearly salary: $60,000 Weekly salary: $1,153.85 Paycheck: $2,307.70

If you are getting paid in 20-dollar bills, that is 115 20-dollar bills that are dropped down on your desk.  You get a smile on your face with a little incentive to work.  I think there is something about stacks of cash that would make people work for it a little more.

Maybe if you put in an extra tough week, or worked overtime, you could get paid in 1’s or 5’s.  At 4pm Friday afternoon, a ‘briefcase’ gets dropped off at your office… full of cash.  Who wouldn’t like this??? It is straight out of the movies.

This is of course forgetting about all things such as you’d just have people counting their bills all Friday afternoon, and theft, and all those sorts of things…

I think it’d be pretty sweet… but hey, that’s just me.

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