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The Best of Days

When I woke up this morning, I did not realize how special of a day today would turn into. If I had known what would happen on this very day, my nerves may have kept me in bed all day long, the anticipation too much. Why, today of all days was chosen by the great unknown to be this monumental of a day for me, I do not know.

Today, this morning, around 8:45 am Eastern Standard Time, I filled my water bottle up with the hands-free automatic water dispenser all the way from bottom to top without the water ever turning off.

It was fantastic!

For so long I have been taking my water bottle into the break room each morning after arriving at the office. Sleepily I unscrew the black plastic lid and let it hang to the side of the translucent green ‘LIFELINE’ liter sized water bottle as I make my way to the giant silver beast that is our water dispenser. I do not understand why a machine that has the sole purpose of dispensing ice and water has to be just as large as our GINORMOUS industrial refrigerator. And each morning as I place the water bottle under the touch free water dispenser, I concentrate. “Do not move the bottle…” I tell myself as the quarter-inch diameter stream of water sloshes into the empty bottle. “The water is flowing… do not move the bottle… this is the time… do not move the bottle… this is the…” and that’s when the inevitable occurs. With no apologies of any sorts, the machine cuts off my stream of water. And then to add insult to dehydration, when I do get the water to start flowing back into the water bottle, it splashes whatever was in there before onto my hand or long sleeves.

Now I trust the machine. I am sure that it does not lie and I did indeed move the water bottle a percent of a percent of a millimeter, which caused the electronic eye to think that I was done. But it is such a letdown, and right at the beginning of the work day as well!

I have tried seemingly everything to keep the stream running. Set the bottom of the water bottle on the metal grate, no water. Push the side of the water bottle up against the electronic eye so it must know that the water should be flowing, no water. It just never makes sense.

Today was the day though. Where the metal grate base meets the silver skin of the beast is a little indent, the sweet spot. I set the bottom against the indent and applied a little pressure to keep the water bottle in place. And the water flowed! With the helping support and cooperation of the beast the water bottle slowing started filling. 100mL … 200mL … 300mL … and it kept rising! The water level crept past lines, making its way to the ultimate goal of 1000mL. At about 700mL I started to get really nervous. “Is this the day? I don’t know if I am ready for this?” Past 850mL I think my hands started to shake a little bit. Passing 900mL my palms were getting sweaty and I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on! The last 100mL seemed to take half a lifetime. As the line crept past the 1000mL mark I thought about giving a chant of joy, but decided to restrain myself. Instead, I had the biggest smile. I started off the morning with a great accomplishment. Before removing the water bottle from the now tamed beast’s electronic eye, I thought about savoring the moment even longer and letting the cold refreshing water overrun the mouth of the water bottle. But I had made my peace with the beast. I had it tamed and knew its secrets. Long gone were the days where I would be outsmarted each and every morning.

Today is going to be a good day!

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