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The aliens did it! I saw them do it! (a little note about technology)

There’s no good way to address this topic… so I’m going to take one of the most obscure ways possible. I have already written this post almost two full times in this notepad only to do a Ctrl+A and Delete. The topic that I would like to discuss today is this: Do we rely too much on technology?

First let’s define “technology”. One definition of technology that I found from Google is: The application of knowledge to meet the goals, goods, and services desired by people.

I liked that definition and thought is was general enough to be considered valid. However, under the standards of that definition we could consider everything from nuclear warheads to sporks… technology. Why don’t we for sake of argument use the word technology in reference to computer technology? We’ll use the phrase computer technology in reference to things such as… nuclear warheads, computers, alarm clocks, microwaves, cell phones… you know, that sort of thing.

All so let us begin. I don’t want to address the topic of the previously stated question directly, because well… there are too many arguments that go in so many different ways that it would be very difficult for me to concentrate and write a post that takes less time to read than the Old Testament. I want to rearrange the question a little bit to ask something completely different, but in essence, get the same answer.

How would your life change if tomorrow, aliens with strange little guns on their spaceships came down into our atmosphere and sucked up all our telephone poles which carried our electricity, and the electricity wire that are buried under ground, AND all our batteries? Basically… we have no power! Ok you folks with solar panels… hush up… I was just trying to come up with a creative way to say we lost all power to everything.

First off and probably the most detrimental thing to everyone would be the fact that they wouldn’t be able to check and read my blog! But seriously….

Let me just talk about how my life would change for a bit. First off, I have one candle in my possession, and the wick is already burned all the way down, so I would need to get some light. I would have to go to the store, during the day (so I can see what I’m picking out) and buy some candles. But when I get to the store I would realize that I am very low on food, cause everything in the freezer/fridge would now be spoiled. But even before this I wouldn’t have been able to get to the store very quickly cause my car wouldn’t work!

Here are some of the things during my day that wouldn’t change. I would still have a nice sleep in my nice comfy bed. I would still have my books to keep me company. I would still have friends that live close by to keep social. What else… what else… ummm… I have a game of cornhole and a frisbee. Needless to say, my life would be flipped completely upside down. If I lost power to everything, I might be late to start driving… I mean walking to work in the morning because I would have no alarm clock to wake me, and no watch batteries to even know what time it is. I would get to work and just stare at my cubicle wall… cause my entire job description is programming and testing software for computers. I would assume that I would probably get more sleep at night though. When it gets dark out, if you have no other light, what else is there to do but sleep until the sun comes back up?

What about you? Would your life change drastically without power?

Is our world evolving into a people that rely too much on tools of our own creation? Should we use these tools such as computers as much as we do now? I wonder if back when someone invented the wheel, or when our ape-looking ancestors figured they could throw rocks at things to kill them for food, someone said… NO NO NO, you can’t rely on this technology too much. We must still kill a bear with our own hands… put that sharpened stick down! I really don’t think so. I believe our world is evolving and sure we rely on technology a lot, but it is a necessity to evolve even further. Who wants to be stagnant? That’s when moss starts to grow.

I would imagine that after the aliens came and stole all our power… everyone on earth would be sad. I can just imagine everyone in Silicon Valley sitting on the curbs with the elbows on their knees and chins rested on the hands… just moping. Then of course Google would make an announcement… its OK everyone! We just invented power that isn’t power!

…and Google wins again…

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