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The 39 Steps at The Company Theatre

Yesterday my wife took me to see “The 39 Steps”, put on by The Company Theatre.  It was great.  It was based on an Alfred Hitchcock film which was based on an adventure novel by John Buchnan.

We had a blast.  The play was taken on by four very funny, talented and ambitious actors (one actress) where over 100 characters were introduced, by just the four.  We had concerns that with all the costume changes we would not be able to keep up with the plot, but they did a great job.

One of the most unique and fun parts about the whole show was the location.  The Company Theatre had rented out The Big Apple Room, a banquet room at a restaurant, Little Italy.  So we were sitting around what anyone passing by could have thought was a family reunion or wedding rehearsal dinner, watching a show.

The tables were packed very tightly which was at first a little awkward, but everyone was so friendly and ready to chat away.  We actually ended up exchanging information with a couple that were in town visiting for a week.  The food was also very good and well prepared.  I had Chicken Parmigiani and Melissa had Baked Lasagna with Meat.  Delicous.

If you do end up going to see one of their shows, my one bit of advice is arrive early!  The doors opened at 6:30pm and the show was suppose to start at 7:30pm.  So we showed up around 7:05 and quickly realized we were the last ones there and everyone else was already eating … whoops!  Whether I misread the website or something, I’m not sure, but their dinner theater means everyone eats and finishes their dinner, then the show starts.  Not a big deal, we both finished our plates very quickly being very hungry, so no delay was had.

I highly recommend you check out one of their shows.  It seems as though they put on a lot of small cast shows, sort of their specialty.  The atmosphere was great.  Being on the same level as the show and them walking around past you because you are literally in a small banquet room.  Great fun.

And I’ll leave you with a quick video they have posted on YouTube from their show, “The 39 Steps”.

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