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Ted | Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

Making it through my Instapaper queue and came across a recent tweet that I had saved.

I like Ted Talks.  They are typically personal and relatable.  Some person’s wisdom from experiences brought to the masses through story in a concise and well produced video.

In this video, Amanda Palmer (a name that was previously unknown to me) talks about her struggle to fund her dream of making music full time.  Through this struggle, she learns to rely on the people that love and support her the most, her fans.  But the way she learns to rely on them is unique … she realizes that the thing that connects her to her fans is a relationship, and that relationship can be extremely close and strong.

One of many fan-based decisions was to give away her music and ask people to pay for her music instead of the traditional force people to pay for her music.

Here’s a few quotes from the video that I wanted to pull out:

When you connect with them, people want to help you...
Celebrity is loving you from afar...
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