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Technology of War

I’m not much for writing a post right now, but I did come across a very cool site with a new helmet for fighter pilots on display. Check out these pics:

Check out the site for more pictures

A few comments on the picture were talking of possible photoshop modifications (which I doubt). Others discussed the similarities between these pictures and Master Chief from Halo. Another made comment of how our pilot’s are starting to look like the ‘bad guys’ in all the sci-fi movies, which does make you wonder… Then I came across the following comment from macbigot which made me nearly fall off my chair from chuckling like somebody farted in the middle of a funeral…

Do NOT 'turn your head and cough'! (You may accidentally blow up a small country...)

Hah… you may not find that as funny as I did, but hey… you’re you, I’m me… this is my blog, so you can just fake chuckle to amuse me :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

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