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Steven Curtis Chapman - I Will Be Here

Recently I have been playing a lot of guitar.  It was my first purchase after receiving my first paycheck from the Navy.  I am by no means fantastic at it, but I love learning new songs.  I have always known a few chords and plucked around on my dad’s guitar, but since having my own, I have taken more of a liking to finger picking.  I don’t have the finger nails for the real nice sound, but I’d prefer the softer tone and shorter nails than having to worry about my finger nails.

Anyways, here is a video I made of Steven Curtis Chapman’s I Will Be Here.  It is a really pretty song that I absolutely love.  It will be Melissa and my first dance at our wedding on March 27th, 2010.  My guitar playing is shaky (I completely flub a chord in the middle of the song) and my voice isn’t the greatest, but I love singing and playing the guitar … and last time I checked, this is my blog ;-)  I hope you enjoy the song.

I learned the song from some great tabs and instructional videos located:

And if you really like the song, you can purchase the song on iTunes.

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