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Spaghetti Blessings

Last night I finished off a box of spaghetti… and it was exciting!

Now sure, I like any other red blooded man like to to see things completed.  Whether it’s a project around the house, a piece of software I’m writing, or emptying out a box of noodles… for some reason there is quite a sense of satisfaction!

That said… that is not really the main reason I’m excited about finishing off this box of spaghetti.

As you can see from some of the content in my recent sudden surge in posts, I’ve been out of town, away from my family.  Well my trip is coming near its end and as I finish some of the food items I have purchased for my room, I don’t have to buy any replacements!  Yes, exciting!  Of course this is more for the sentimental factor of seeing my family soon and not for the “not having to go shopping” factor…

But yes, when I unexpectedly find the joy in a small, seemingly insignificant moment, it does make me smile and be very thankful for all the blessings I have in life.

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