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Something is Seriously Wrong

Guess the percentage of military units coming back from the war in Iraq have some form of post traumatic stress disorder…




Something is seriously wrong. I found this news from NPR very disturbing indeed. Yes, I know NPR tends to be on the way Left, but statistics don’t lie.

People may ask, well are all 40% walking around clucking like chickens or what defines post traumatic stress disorder? Research was done by and for the Pentagon, which realized that 20% to 25% of soldiers going to Iraq are coming back with “serious mental health symptoms”. The issue that is trying to be solved by the Pentagon now is getting help for these troops that have these mental issues.

When research was being conducted for this study, it was found that it was dangerous to be labeled as mentally unstable. Officers who found out their subordinate was with mental issues would sometimes punish them by making them clean the latrines or other foul tasks. Our nations finest? Apparently the Pentagon has decided they need better training, better instruction and more information telling the soldiers what possibilities there are. And then after the battle we need more specialists.

I disagree.

If a major corporation releases information that 40% of their employees are now labeled with post traumatic stress disorder and 25% of their employees are labeled with “serious mental health symptoms” there would be uproar. What makes our government so different?

War is a nasty, ugly, but a sometimes-necessary evil. We need a new game plan for Iraq (period).

Come on Mr. President, I like your immigration policy, now let’s see what you’ve got for your foreign policy.

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