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Someone is trying to be me

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I start and end my day in the same room in Baldwin.  The 9am class is Network Programming.  The 3pm class is Wireless and Mobile Networking.  For the first 3 or so weeks of the quarter I sat in the same class for each class.  Second row/left side/furthest seat left for Network Programming and Fourth row/right side/furthest seat to the right for Wireless and Mobile Networking.  And it was good.

One class I walk into my 9am Network Programming and realize something strange… there is someone sitting in my seat…. no big deal… somebody must have taken his seat.  I move up to the front row and sit furthest left seat (right in front of the seat I had been sitting).  Class ends and I go thru the rest of my day until my 3pm class.  I walk in and what do ya know, someone is sitting in my seat.  So as I did in the morning, I move to the seat directly in front of it.  Oh well, no big deal… it must be an off day.

This continues on each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday until the current day.  What I didn’t notice the first one or two times it happened was who the person was sitting in my seat.  About the 3rd day of this unfortunate commandeering of my seat, I notice, that kid looks familiar.  No… could it?  It is indeed… the same kid has taken over my seat in both the classes.  This is bizarre cause I had never noticed this kid in either one of these classes before I lost my seat.  On top of that I had never noticed that anyone else was in both the Network Programming class and Wireless/Mobile Networking class.  How strange is that?

So I let him have the seat.  It was a good one, but I have moved on.  I have decided that he noticed my genius and figured that if he could sit in the same seat I once sat in, he could share some of my brilliance.  It is true, I am just that super cool.

I have other super exciting news that I am holding off posting until I know the details :-)

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