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Some mornings, you just stay in bed

If there was a day to just leave and go home… today is the day.

I was so excited this morning when I got to work! I have a newly acquired basketball hoop that is perfect for my cube. I won it with tickets last night at an arcade (which by the way was a blast). Anyway… there are sticky squares on the back that you have to pull off the paper to use… so let the fun begin. I sat for a good 10 minutes trying to get this paper off. Finally after using a few unnecessary resources, I finally succeeded. I thought I was being a genius and stuck tacks to the sticky paper so it could hang from anywhere on the four sides of my tack friendly cube. This looked great (however deadly when all tacks are standing pointy side up). I stick it to the wall… and it stays! Woohoo! I make my first shot and sink it… maybe it will be a smooth sailing day after all.

A buddy comes over to shoot the breeze a little while before either of us really gets into the day’s work and I proudly show off my new basketball hoop. He takes a shot, makes it, but the hoop nearly falls off the wall… sad :-( I think I might search for some magnet strips and hang it off my filing cabinet if this isn’t going to work out.

Eventually the stuff called work starts and I start sifting through the flood of morning emails… then the unthinkable happens… Lotus Notes (what a … cough cough… wonderful … cough cough … software it is … cough cough…) freezes up… crazy eh? This was actually an issue yesterday. After talking to my favorite support girl, Crystal, on the phone for 20 minutes, and finding that no one at the support center could help me out… I got my call forwarded to their Lvl3. But I still haven’t heard back from them… and my email freezes up pretty much every time I try and do anything… no good.

No worries though… I’ll just continue working on my shell script I was writing all day yesterday. This script is great, it basically helps keep your archive directories clean. You tell it how old the files you want to keep are, the root directory of the scan, and how many subdirectories deep you want to go, and it cleans it out… great idea, yes?

I was looking into different arguments for the ‘ls’ command and ran across this thread. I’ll save you the trouble of reading… my script already exists (without as many features… but still exists) in the simple command….

find /home/user123 -mtime +30 -exec rm -f {} \;

Needless to say I was a tad bit frustrated… so I decided to write this blog entry.

To top it off, with this being Fourth of July weekend, half the team took the day off, and pretty much the other half are taking half days, leaving at lunch.

On the plus side… we’re going bowling tonight…

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