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Before college I never really had any tv shows that I subscribed to religiously … well, I take that back … back in 1995, my older brother and I made a pact that neither one of us would ever miss an episode of Wishbone.

Really though, of course we had shows that we liked to watch like Home Improvement and the sitcoms of TGIF, but it wasn’t till college that I had shows that I wanted to make sure that I watched every single episode and of course only in chronological order as not to ruin any plot twists the writers might throw my way in previous episodes or seasons.

I think the first show I ever watched from beginning to end was Friends.  Although, I believe the show went off the air right when I was starting college, so it was more of a DVD relationship.  Then there were shows like Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, and more recently shows like Up All Night, Modern Family and The Middle.

Sitcoms are fantastic.  Who knew watching what is meant to be other people’s ordinary lives could be so interesting!

My most recent sitcom infatuation has been with Big Bang Theory.  Oh how that show is amazing!  But I have a dilemma… I’m almost all caught up.  How is this a problem you are probably asking yourself?  Well for the past few months I’ve had new episodes of the show at my fingertips ready to be watched at a moments notice.  If ever feeling a little need for Sheldon’s lack of a sarcasm detector, Leonard’s infatuation with Penny, or the awkward hetrosexuality of Rahj… I could load up a video and hit play.

At this moment I have four episodes left of Season 5 before I am all caught up to the current season.  And really that makes me a little sad.  Having to wait a whole week before a new episode comes out … well that’s just silly!  And the real kicker is that I have another week and a half of living in a hotel where one of my favorite activities is watching Big Bang Theory.

So you see my predicament.

Although… it looks as though my brother and I might have broken our pact as there appears to be episodes of Wishbone that I have yet to watch.  Woot!  All is well in the tv world once more!

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