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Similes and Analogies

You know something that I find funny, random analogies or similes. For those that skipped the 5th grade, analogies are the direct comparison and similes are when using ‘like’ or ‘as’. I think…

I like the show Family Guy. That show is littered with the random, “It’s like that what time…” You can always pick out when they are going to cut to some completely random scene because of some silly comparison.

Anyway, what brings me to this topic is my coffee. After pouring a nice mug of coffee (of course leaving enough room for the sloshing factor (because it is impossible for me to walk steady with a cup of hot coffee)) I put in the creamer and sugar. The break room has this non-dairy powder creamer that I really like. So I turn the bottle upside down and my coffee is flooded with creamer. But this is ok, my favorite part happens next. The powder just sits there like a duck on water, but then starts to cave in into… nothing. The creamer dissolves into the coffee making a pale cloud expanding outwards. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you might think I’m crazy, but it might be the highlight of my day. So today I turn the creamer upside down and a pour more than my normal amount and am a little concerned. My coffee now is close to having the color of milk. What is it going to taste like? I wonder. I might have just ruined it!

I add my normal sugar then head back to my cube. I sit there looking at the cup of coffee, I can tell its hot. The steam condenses on the rim of the mug while it waits. Ok, well here we go. I take a sip of the strangely colored concoction and think about the taste. Well this is just brilliant! It taste… It taste like (note that this is a simile) a drink of nice warm fluff… like a drink of a warm cloud… wow, its good!

I’ll be honest; I don’t really know what creamer is supposed to do for coffee. When I started drinking it I would put in a bit of creamer and a bit of sugar, I mean it is always there and offered, might as well. I don’t think I’ll drink my coffee like this every day though. It does taste good, but the taste isn’t exactly right. This coffee oddly enough makes me think of beer. There are millions of different types of beers. My favorite happens to be (at the moment) Sam Adams Boston Lager. Some beers, like Blue Moon, taste good, but don’t have that real beer taste to them. Sometimes you just want to have a beer, and drink a beer. I hope this makes sense.

Anway, I just got a phone call, so I’m going to end this post and start writing another one.

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