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SCUBA Lesson #1

Melissa and I had our first actual scuba lesson today.  After talking with David and Jess, Melissa’s brother and sister-in-law, I had a pretty solid idea what was going to happen on the first lesson, and that’s what went on.  For the first 2 hours we filled out some paper work with the Instructor, watched a quick video on the hazards of scuba, and went through the first 2 sections of our text book.  simple enough.

Next we learned about the specific equipment used during a dive and how to hook it all up on the tank and BC.  Each person took a turn setting up the dive system and tearing it apart as well.

Soon enough, we were in the water.  Melissa and I had to do a swim test which involved swimming a few laps and treading water.  But soon I had my two wetsuits on (I was a bit chilly) and working out our snorkeling techniques.  We learned everything from the proper way to kick our feet with fins to proper ways to dive from the water surface to the bottom of the pool.

We never got the tanks on today, as it was just snorkeling and out of pool information.  Another technique which I completely bombed was getting water out of your mask.  You are supposed to push on the top of the mask to relieve pressure at the bottom where your nose is and blow out through your nose.  However, I couldn’t for the life of me breathe in just through my mouth and would snort up nosefulls of water… nasty.  Apparently it was quite the sight.

But hey… I like to keep life interesting.

Next lesson is on Wednesday (rescheduled from next Sunday because I have a choir concert)

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