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Scooby Doo, I Need You!

There’s a mystery in my cube… how exciting!

Every morning I walk into my cube and do the same thing. I pull my chair out from where it is pushed in under my desk; grab my computer bag from its hiding spot getting my laptop out. Before sitting down I set my laptop onto it’s docking station, hit the power button, and hit the power button on my second monitor. Only then do I put the laptop bag back, and sit down in my ergonomically sound ‘slidy’ chair. And here’s the mystery… the next thing I do every day is reach down and lift my armrests back to the height that I like them.

Why are they down? haha….

It isn’t like its the most difficult task in the world to lift my armrests back up to normal, but why do I have to?

I like to imagine that maybe trolls take over the office at nights, scrambling around doing their best to break the copy machine and erase appointments off dry-erase wall calendars. The head troll probably sits at my desk doing the paper work of rearranging as many papers found in people’s desks as possible. Being a troll, he isn’t as vertically gifted as I am, so he lowers the armrests to suit his person. That’s understandable, if I were to work at a trolls desk, I would probably have to lift the armrests up a little bit.


Maybe it’s the janitors… I should start taking notice to see if there is any correlation between when my trashcan gets emptied and when my armrests are down. The janitors probably have a few select desks that they always change one thing every night. And its something that the associate at the desk will have to change back… like my armrests. Maybe in other cubes they turn a desk calendar around so its facing the cube wall, or turn the phone receiver so the ear piece is resting on the bottom of its base and the mouth of the phone at the top, or changing little things with the chairs! Maybe they are doing an experiment to see if the people they ‘mess’ with end up going crazy, quit Kroger, run off and join the circus, or start leaving little post-it notes in desperate attempt to figure out who’s playing with their mind!… It might happen to me someday, I’ll have to adjust the arms of my chair and I’ll just snap. Most likely I’ll strip off all my clothes and run around willy-nilly yelping to everyone that “I SHOP AT WALMART AND I AM NOT ASHAMED!”. You never know…


Maybe there is something wrong with my chair and when I push it into the desk it makes the arms fall down… … … … nah!

It’s a mystery I tell you. I’ve thought about talking to some of my coworkers about it… but I fear they might think I’m crazy… or am I already???

I’ll just keep adjusting my armrests and keep to myself… I like the incessant rocking… it helps me think… I’m a code monkey; give me a program to write… ooo ooo aah aah!

I’ll be all right… I hope…

PS… I leave for vacation Saturday morning… so I may not be writing much for the next week, if anything at all. Be prepared for an exciting new release on August 1st though! You want to know where we’re going on vacation: Ohio –> Las Vegas, NV –> Los Angeles, CA –> Bullhead City, AZ –> Las Vegas, NV –> Ohio. It will be in the upper 70’s in LA and upper 90’s in AZ/NV… so excited!


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