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Saving the world, take me out to the ball game

Call up Miss America, I have the solution to world peace.

Two words: The Wave

Now there is not a single person out there on the interwebs that is going to be able to convince me that the wave would not create world peace.  Think about it.  You are at a baseball game, both teams have fans in the stands, yelling and screaming, chearing their own team and cursing the other.

And then some guy steps down in front of section 310 and looks like he’s doing the shout dance.  But he’s not doing a dance, no, he is taking charge of the entire stadium.  He counts off and raises his hands in the air.  A few people follow and the wave dies before it begins.  He of course goes again though.  Every time he tries, the wave gets a little bigger.  You, sitting over in section 302 see the drama occurring a few sections over and a bit of excitement grabs a hold of you.  You anxiously wait and hope that the wave makes it to your section.  And, my friend, let me assure you, you are not the only one in this position.  Most every eye within the area has made its way to the beginning of the wave.

Eventually, the wave is a few people too large for section 310 and it overflows to the next section.  Once it has travelled a few sections, the rest of the stadium has started to take notice, and they are feeling the excitement that you felt a few moments ago.  The wave hits your section and you wait for the perfect moment to stand up, flail your arms in the air, with a big “WHOAAAA!”

As the wave travels past, you and your friends are all smiles, hoping to everything holy that the wave will make it all the way around the stadium so you can partake in its glory, once again.

So here’s the game game plan folks.  It is really quite simple.  We just need a world-wide-wave.  Line everyone up, in as many rows needed to get everyone involved.  Whether the rows go around the world, outline a country, follow the Nile, whatever it takes, we just start a huge wave.  We could start a wave in each continent, country, state, city, etc… so people don’t get bored while they wait.  But that is really it.

Back in high school marching band, we also did the roller coaster during football games.  Have you ever done it?  Everyone puts their hands above their heads and acts like they are climbing a roller coaster hill, then everyone makes all their turns together screaming like crazy, following one leader up front.  Well maybe that will be stage two of world peace.

Now I’m curious, though, I wonder what the world record for the fastest human wave ever has traveled…

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