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Sarah Palin is writing her memoirs

At first I was only going to give my thoughts to this news of Sarah Palin writing her memoirs through a tweet, but I quickly realized that I couldn’t just use 140 characters.

So yeah, apparently Palin has apparently signed with HarperCollins to tell her’s and Alaska’s story.  Oh, and guess what… HarperCollins just happens to be owned by Rupert Murdoch, surprise surprise…. grrrrrrr

Anyways -

When the word memoirs comes up, I always think of an old person writing about their life.  They are typically writing about at least a part of their life that has just come to a close.  Does this mean that Palin is closing up shop in Alaska?  But maybe memoir is not the best choice of words for what she will be writing, though.

Sarah Palin was quoted stating that “There have been so many things written and said through mainstream media that have not been accurate, and it will be nice through an unfiltered forum to get to speak truthfully about who we are and what we stand for and what Alaska is all about.”

It just seems to me that this is not the point in life where Palin should be worrying about memoirs.  She is calling a defensive formation out of the play book by using this unfiltered and (as she forgot to mention) non-confrontational medium to give her thoughts.  Throughout the presidential race we saw her get slammed by the press many times for not being prepared on various issues (cue Katie Couric interview), and by using a book, she is not being put on the spot for impromptu and unrehearsed responses.

As 2009 has progresses, Palin disappears from the spotlight more and more.  If she has politics on a national scale in her future sights, I think she is making a wrong turn with these ‘memoirs’.  She should be working night and day on issues that are relevant to her constituents and in turn, all Americans (and yes… Joe the plumber).  This way, when it comes time to be back in that spotlight, she can come out and say, “Well golly gee, while you all were poking fun at me and my family, look at all that I accomplished”.

Eh… I think Sarah Palin is just one big $ to anyone in the media.  If you walk down the street and said the name Sarah Palin to people, I bet most would smile or give a little chuckle.  She just isn’t respected like she should/needs to be.  I hope the book deal does well for her, I really do.  Heck, I’m drawn into the drama that is Sarah Palin’s political career as well… just make the book less than $10, and I’ll give it a read.

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