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Redbox Coupon Codes

Have you seen or rented movies from a Redbox yet?  They are those giant red machines in Krogers that have a computer screen for renting movies.  Pretty cheap in fact, just $1 per day!

I was very excited about the movie G-Force (Redbox IMDB) coming out in the Redbox yesterday (12/15/09).  So during the day I was randomly searching online about Redbox, to make sure it was actually the day that the movie was available.

In my searching I found the following site:

InsiderRedbox is not related to the official Redbox at all.  In contrast it is actually quite the opposite.  InsiderRedbox is a community that posts coupon codes (or promo codes) for Redbox rentals.  When I went to Kroger tonight I tried out the code: ACME26 and what do ya know, it worked!  Free rental!

Apparently, Redbox keeps track of coupon codes by each card used in a transaction.  So if I have three different cards that I could swipe for a normal Redbox transaction, I could use that same ACME26 coupon code with each card and receive three free rentals!  Amazing!

Needless to say, I was pretty excited about this find.  Now the question, however, is is getting all these free DVD rentals really worth cheaping out on something that is good?  Paying $1/day for a DVD rental is awesome and I wouldn’t want Redbox to go out of business or raise prices just because people like me are working the system.

Not sure where I’ll go on that one, but I had to share (at least for those of you that may have lost your conscience back down the road somewhere).

Happy movie watching!

PS. G-Force ROCKS!  Next on my list is Inglorious Basterds (Redbox IMDB).
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