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Ready to Scuba!

We are now one week away from leaving for West Palm Beach, Florida where Melissa and I will dive with The Scuba Club to finish up our open water scuba certification.  We are very excited!

I have been looking at the weather forecast for now and in the days we will be there, and as long as the long term forecast is somewhat accurate, I think we will have perfect days.  Nice and sunny, with highs in the mid 80’s, lows in the mid 60’s.  I am a little concerned, however, about a storm coming in and cancelling our dive.  That would really be a bummer, to get all the way down there and not have the opportunity to finish our certification.

I was reading on the dive shop’s website about diving in West Palm Beach.  We will be diving off a boat and be doing drift diving.  Any diving sounds good to me right now, I’m just ready to jump in.  Also, it sounds as though there are some giant sea turtles.  April through June is their mating season, and some divers have reported being outnumbered by the giant reptiles!

So exciting!

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