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Prep for the ASTB (OAR)

** EDIT ** For information warfare, you must take all six sections of the ASTB

** END **

Next Friday, December 7th, I will be travelling up to Columbus to take the Aviation Selection Test Batter (ASTB). More specifically I will be taking the Officer Apptitude Rating (OAR), which I will discuss in a little bit. First off let me just provide a few background links:

[The ASTB on Wikipedia]( [AirWarriors ASTB Study Guide Gouge]( [Overview of ASTB including FAQs and score stats from past years]( [Compilation of links regarding ASTB and other Officer Program items](

All right, now down to business. After turning in my SSBI application, I was put into contact with the processor who works up on a base in Columbus. I have talked to her many times so far and she has been extremely responsive and easy to ask any questions. I had left out a little information in one of my applications, which she pointed out. We were then able to schedule a time for me to take the ASTB. When I go up to take this test, I also am required to have three letters of recommendation, degree completion plan, and my birth certificate. In addition I have had transcripts from all the universities/colleges I have attended sent to the processors office. I quickly sent off a few emails to get letters of recommendation and started talking to my academic advisor about the degree completion plan. As of right now we still have a few questions about how specific it needs to be, but once I figure that out, I’ll let you know how that went.

But yes, the ASTB. The ASTB consists of six sections: image used from

Note that the OAR only consists of the section that are like the SAT/ACT. I have read that these section are very comparable in difficulty to the SAT. For this I am glad (although I definitely plan on doing some study guides). For me in my application to Information Warfare, I believe I will only be taking the OAR sections. The other section would be required if I were applying as a Pilot or NFO I believe.

So that is basically it I believe. After the test, if I am professional recommended (pro-rec), I will go take a physical readiness test along with getting an actual physical. But I’m trying not to get too far ahead of myself. Along with making sure that I know exactly what I am doing at all stages of this process, I am doing my best to make sure I am prepared. Through studying for the ASTB and continuing my work out routine, I believe confidence will be a strong factor that they will look for.

That’s about it for now. My next update will most likely be after I take the ASTB with my reactions (unless of course something else comes up before).

Happy Wednesday, Jason

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